Score Enhancement Opportunities

Improve your team’s score!!

Hole #17 is “Erik’s Edge”—Drive three of four balls onto the green and you may post a score of “1” for that hole. Use Erik’s Edge for the other par three holes for $10 per hole, or on all of the par threes for just $25. Purchase your additional Erik’s Edge opportunities at registration the day of the tournament.

The Yellow Ball—Purchase a yellow golf ball @ $50 (1 ball per team). The ball may be used for one extra stroke anywhere on any hole. Use must be rotated between team members. And, don’t hit it into the water—when it’s gone, it’s gone!

Soccer Kick Hole for Drive Advantage—on Hole #5 a Northwest soccer player will be there to help you improve your Tee-Box position. For a $5 donation you may have the player kick a soccer ball from the tee, and where it stops is where all of your team members will tee off. This is a great way to shorten this par 5 hole!

Mel Hambleton Ford Hole-In-One—What could be simpler? On Hole #9, if a player makes a hole-in-one, he or she will drive off in a brand new car!